Call For Dairy Innovators to create or scale their Spin-Off

The Euro Lebanese Centre for Industrial Modernisation (ELCIM) at the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) under the ENI CBC Med TRANSDAIRY co-funded project, has issued a call to support the creation of 3 spin-off startup projects or existing spin-offs in the Dairy sector. The spin-offs should develop innovative solutions in the field of Key Enabling Technologies (KETS) in ICT and Bio/nanotechnology for the Dairy Value Chain (DVC).

Entrepreneurs, enterprises, industries, SMEs and researchers working in the dairy innovation sector and looking to turn an innovative R&D project into a spin-off business affiliated to their respective company or research institution are invited to apply.

3 selected participants from Lebanon will benefit from a 10,000-euro grant, which will enable them to support the creation of their spin-off in the Dairy Value Chain or support their existing ones.

This presents a unique opportunity to create or support an independent entity that could offer a new line of production/services/process innovations in the dairy sector that can be developed and scaled to Mediterranean markets.

Shortlisted participants will be invited to present their business plan in front of a selection committee and three of them will finally be selected to benefit from the grant and support.

Who Can Apply

  • Innovators, entrepreneurs and key enabling technology providers (KET) within the Dairy Value Chain sector
  • Ventures and companies in the Dairy Value Chain sector working on R&D projects
  • SME’s, industries, NGOs working on spin-off projects in the Dairy, ICT, or Bio/Nano technologies industries
  • Researchers, Faculty Members, Lab Members, working on researches in the Dairy Value Chain sector and ICT .

What Countries Are Included in The Call

  • Entrepreneurs/organizations in Lebanon, Italy, Greece, Tunisia looking to create or collaborate with an existing spin-off with a Lebanese Dairy entrepreneur in Lebanon

Eligibility criteria

Participants should:

  • Reside in Lebanon
  • Demonstrate the spin-off business model including demonstrated economic viability and combine innovation, applicability, scalability, and team experience
  • Demonstrate the Innovation and technology readiness level

Key Benefits and Opportunities

  • Obtain hands-on experience, legal advice, and a financial grant to support the creation or development of the spin-off.
  • Access a voucher of 10,000 euros that will be used to support you in the creation or development of your spin off.
  • Provide the opportunity to bring to life a new line of production or service for an established enterprise, turn research into a product and a project into an actual product or service.
  • Access to the Transdairy regional online collaborative platform which features a database of Dairy Value Chain regional demand and offer and allows communication and networking among regional innovators, suppliers, partners, prospective clients, etc.
  • Invitation to apply and if selected ,benefit from the subsequent Transdairy activities for 2023, which include: Vouchers for a Co-patent call ; vouchers for Demonstration of Research Results call ; vouchers for co publications call .

❖ Deadline:
• The application form must be filled before the 05.04.2023 at 5:00 p.m.