Empowering Lebanon's Businesses for a Sustainable Growth

We offer a wide range of services and support to help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed.

Workshops and Events

We organize regular workshops and events to provide entrepreneurs with the latest information, tools, and resources they need to succeed.

Business Support

We provide personalized coaching and mentoring to help entrepreneurs develop their business ideas, refine their strategies, and overcome challenges.

Market Access

We provide entrepreneurs with access to new markets and opportunities, including connections to potential customers, partners, and suppliers.

Technology Transfer

We facilitate the transfer of technology and knowledge from universities and research institutions to entrepreneurs, helping them develop innovative products and services.


We stand by our Values!

For over two decades, ELCIM has been dedicated to helping small and medium enterprises in Lebanon thrive and succeed.

We believe that by providing a holistic approach that combines legislative, business development, we can create an all-inclusive ecosystem that supports Lebanese entrepreneurs in bringing their innovative ideas and projects to life.



Serving Businesses


By demonstrating integrity in everything we do, we build strong relationships based on mutual respect, reliability, and credibility.

Good Governance

By practicing transparency, we ensure that ELCIM remains sustainable in Lebanon.


By upholding professionalism in all aspects of our work, we ensure a positive workplace culture.


By prioritizing reliability in our operations, we build strong relationships and drive customer satisfaction.


Serving And Providing Best Business Support

We aim to create a supportive ecosystem that enables entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed!

Being part of the Industrial Research Institute structure, ELCIM can channel you upon your needs to the services provided by IRI:

Laboratory Testing and Analysis

IRI is entrusted by the Lebanese government to conduct inspections and tests for specific imported goods.

Business Development

IRI aims to support Lebanese industrialists and businesses by actively engaging them with the ecosystem.

Audits and Certification

IRI is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions including calibration, inspection, and certification for systems, products, and personnel.


We Offer The Best Services for Your Business.

The Euro-Lebanese Centre For Industrial Modernsation, ELCIM was initiated in 2001 by the Lebanese Government and the European Union in order to improve the performance of Lebanese manufacturing enterprises.

Thanks to the positive outcome of the first phase, ELCIM since 2005, share the ultimate goal of supporting small businesses, startups, and spin-offs in moving up to the next level through pushing new and innovative concepts.

We believe that these businesses are the backbone of the economy, and that by supporting their growth and success, we can create a brighter and sustainable future for all.

ELCIM continuously evolve and adapt to the Market requirements in supporting alongside established SMEs, innovative startups and spin offs, offering them a variety of services.


Check our latest calls!

ELCIM at the Industrial Research Institute, the Lebanese partner in the ENI CBC MED TRANSDAIRY is inviting a professional printing press provider to submit a financial proposal for the printing of the TRANSDAIRY Project’s “Living Lab Handbook”


Empowering Lebanese Businesses!

ELCIM at IRI has played a vital role in supporting over 1300 businesses across various sectors of the Lebanese economy. Through guidance, resources, and expertise, we aim to enhance sustainability practices, operational efficiency, and innovation.

We’ve conducted more than 500 capacity building activities, including trainings, workshops, and events, empowering individuals and organizations with the skills and networks needed to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Our vibrant community boasts over 3000 members, including SMEs, entrepreneurs, and researchers in environmental and innovation fields. This inclusive platform facilitates collaboration, knowledge exchange, and collective action.

Furthermore, we’ve facilitated over 15 matchmaking opportunities, connecting Lebanese companies with potential partners, investors, and customers. These connections have opened new markets, secured business deals, and accelerated growth for participating companies.

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What Our Beneficiaries Says About Us


MAIA-TAQA training about the water system in Lebanon, from lifting & pumping, to testing and water treatment procedures was filled with important informations about electromechanical and automation scale systems related to the water sector.

Mohammed Doueik
Industrial Engineer

MAIA-TAQA training is filled with useful information about the water issues, electricity issues that we face in Lebanon and how to deal with them.

Raya Al Shareif
Environmental Health Student

Our Supported Programs

The EU co-funded supported programs implemented by ELCIM aim for the growth of startups and SMEs in Lebanon.

Our programs offers a complete ecosystem for innovative entrepreneurs to create and develop their startups and SMEs, fostering their journey towards success and giving them access to the resources they need to scale up effectively.