ELCIM: Seizing the Moment…Meeting the Challenge!

First, why did I choose “Seizing the Moment…Meeting the Challenge!” as a title for my presentation today?

For almost 14 years of working with Lebanese industry, I have been inspired and continue to be energized by the epic struggle that Lebanese manufacturers have fought against indifference. 

I have been inspired and continue to be energized by remarkable manufacturers who demonstrate incredible courage every single day…who refuse to take no for an answer…who refuse to accept that Lebanon is not suited for manufacturing activities.

I have been inspired and continue to be energized by manufacturers…professionals…artisans, who absolutely love, and are always fascinated by, the act of creation….the fact that, with their own two hands, they are molding and shaping a product that people will appreciate and find useful…somewhere in this global village.

I have been inspired and continue to be energized by Lebanese manufacturers and their immediate support institutions for their heroic work on instilling the values that are inherent to industry, such as productivity, knowledge and hard work. The most recent example of these efforts concerns Minister Pierre Gemayel’s Industrial Strategy: “Industry for Young Lebanese 2010.”
I have been inspired and continue to be energized by President Fady Abboud, whose eyes pop out with excitement when he is describing a new raw material, a mold, a machine or a final product…to say nothing about his never-ending crusade against corruption and excessive costs of production (among many others).

President Abboud continues to motivate me with his favorite quotes, such as: “Trust and reputation can vanish overnight…a factory cannot,” and his writings, which demonstrate a deep appreciation for Lebanon’s true values, its proud history, and its quest for a bright future.

I will always be grateful to manufacturers…outstanding individuals whose knowledge and experience continue to educate me and enlighten me.

This long introduction will help me to convey the message that, at ELCIM, we will continue to be inspired and energized by Lebanese manufacturers.

I know that I speak for the whole ELCIM Team when I say that we are all focused on providing manufacturing SMEs with the services they require to accomplish their growth strategies.

ELCIM has an obligation to meet the needs of industry…ethically and professionally.

We have a duty to seize the moment that is presented by a confluence of positive developments, (legislation, finance, policies, EU programmes, etc) in order to “launch industry forward and unleash its full potential” as Minister Gemayel’s Strategy advocates.

ELCIM has to match the spirit of determination that manufacturers continue to display in order to meet the challenge and build together a sustainable business centre that is relevant to manufacturers and connected to their needs.

Raja Habre
ELCIM Director