Speech of His Excellency Mr. Pierre El Gemayel
Minister of Industry
Launching of ELCIM
Industrial Research Institute, December 7th, 2005


Ladies and Gentlemen,

His Excellency the Minister of Industry Pierre El Gemayel asked me to represent him today, while celebrating the launching of “ELCIM 2”, and to transmit to you his greetings and wishes for the success of this project, hoping that the program would achieve prosperity for Lebanese industry and open for it new horizons. I should not forget to salute the European Commission, which holds the greatest credit for launching this project since Day One of its conception, until this very moment, as well as the Industrial Research Institute which enfolds in its building this vital project. We are very confident that it will provide all the prerequisite services and support to make it succeed.

Lebanese industry is facing a lot of challenges today, particularly on the level of globalization and the opening of productive markets to each other. From that perspective, it seems impossible for this industry to position itself competitively through prices, as it might occur in some people’s mind, since the basic burdens for the Lebanese production are too large in comparison to other countries enjoying cheap labor and low cost raw materials. What is hoped insistently of the Lebanese industry is to continuously develop itself so as real competition comes through quality, good presentation and marketing.

The industrial modernization project of which we are celebrating the launching today and which is co-funded by the European Union, is totally conform to this Lebanese industry insistent need. It provides Lebanese industrialists with foreign and local experts, whose mission is to help product development and Lebanese industry performance and to help industrialists find needful financing to improve their products. We encourage Lebanese industrialists to participate in this project supported by the Ministry of Industry. We invite them as well to take advantage of the expertise and possibilities that this project provides in order to improve production, promote marketing and open new horizons for Lebanese industry, this industry that we want to be distinctive and pioneer on all levels.


Fellow industrialists,

Congratulations again for this project which is an indicator of a brighter future for Lebanese industry. I call upon you to benefit from its preferential features. A good future for Lebanese industry requires a collective effort between all products components. We should not let boundaries stop us; we should not wait for a magical change to occur, because it will never do unless we work hard to make it happen. 

Thank you.