Speech of Mr. Fady Abboud
President of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists
Launching of ELCIM
Industrial Research Institute, December 7th, 2005


His Excellency, the Minister of Industry, Cheikh Pierre El Gemayel,
His Excellency, the Ambassador Patrick Renaud,
Distinguished officials and General Managers,
The representatives of economic and union bodies and industrial associations,
Fellow industrialists,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the name of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, I am pleased to participate in the launching of ELCIM, in the presence of this gathering of beloved friends. I am also pleased to offer my thanks to his Excellency the Ambassador Patrick Renaud, whose term in Lebanon has witnessed the launching of vital projects, such as ELCIM, Qualeb and Kafalat, aiming at supporting Lebanon’s economic capabilities in order to be able to withstand the challenges of its partnership with the European Union. Ambassador Renaud has also succeeded in strengthening the relations between the European Union and Lebanon and broadening its horizons.

Back to ELCIM, it is worth mentioning that His Excellency, the Minister of Industry, Cheikh Pierre El Gemayel, has honored me by choosing me to chair the steering committee for ELCIM. Therefore, I am pleased to thank him for his trust, support and enthusiasm for the success of this vital project.

Furthermore, I ought to offer my sincere thanks to the Industrial Research Institute, for nestling ELCIM and providing it with all the criteria of success, as a permanent Center for services and expertise needed by the industry in the process of systemic transfer towards further development, specialization and professional know-how.

In this context, I must praise the level of commitment shown by the members of the steering committee, who accompanied the project since the beginning of the preparation and planning period in August 2005. The steering committee has met several times during that phase, to attend to the activities of ELCIM’s working team, providing necessary directives for pinpointing activities that really respond to the needs of industrialists. This task was achieved through the agreement of the steering committee to ELCIM’s plans during its meeting of November 15th. This launching event proclaims the end of the preparation and planning period and the starting point for the Center in providing technical services and financial advice to Lebanese industrialists.

I have time and again repeated that the success of the Lebanese industry requires the following three basic components:
     Policies and legislations
     Centers for supports and services

The first component has materialized when His Excellency, Minister Gemayel, launched the entitled strategy of the Ministry: “Industry for Lebanese youth 2010”.

The second component, policies and legislations, has being approached by the Cabinet and its concerned ministries namely Finance, Economy and Trade, and Industry.

As to the third component, Center for support and services, it is developing in a positive trend with the start of ELCIM’s activity, which complements and broadens services provided by the Industrial Research Institute.

Therefore, many opportunities are available to the industrial body, to build a promising new phase as a base for a rise of the industrial sector, providing it with criteria for development, prosperity and dynamism.

By joining all forces, ministries, associations, chambers, bodies, unions, congregations and local, European and international institutions,as well as industrialists, we won’t loose these opportunities...on the contrary...we shall seek them with all our force and determination.

Congratulations to ELCIM and congratulations to Lebanese industrialists, who, as of this day, dispose of a specialized Center which supports them in the process of climbing the ladder of development, modernization and competitiveness.

Thank you.

Fady Abboud
President of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists.