Speech of Dr. Bassam Frenn
Director General of Industrial Research Institute
Launching of ELCIM

Industrial Research Institute, December 7th, 2005


His Excellency, the Minister of Industry, Cheikh Pierre El Gemayel
His Excellency, the Ambassador Patrick Renaud
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to welcome you, in the Industrial Research Institute on the launching of ELCIM, co-funded with the European Commission.

First, I ought to praise the great effort exerted by the agencies and directorates which are taking care of ELCIM for the past months, among them, the Minister of Industry and the European Commission and the steering committee represented by its chairman and members and I refer especially to their unconditional support for the launching of ELCIM and its success.

Undoubtedly, ELCIM provides the Industrial Research Institute, a new access to necessary consultative services, in order to help Lebanese industry and to go along with its development. This, in addition to the basic services provided by the Institute in fields such as conformity, quality, laboratory analysis, implementation of obligatory specifications and last but not least, environmental services also provided by the Institute through the Lebanese Cleaner Production Center (LCPC).

These services are more necessary than ever, due to the Arabic, European and International commercial agreements, which require the conformity of Lebanese products to international specifications standards, in order to access international markets. Industrialists are also aware that national industry will find it hard to fulfill its growth opportunities, unless it succeeds in increasing its products exportation in an ongoing and continuous way.

Quiet often, quality is of strategic importance on the level of Lebanese products and their exportation necessity to international markets. In this respect, ELCIM brings forward its technical services and financial consultations to provide industrialists with the capacity of technical development, products planning, cost accounting, waste control, management improvement, quality promotion, access to strategic relations with Arabic and European companies, preparing and improving financial statements and feasibility studies, in order to obtain long term loans.

The Industrial Research Institute recognizes that ELCIM embodies the constructive relation existing between private and public sectors, especially under the auspices of the strategy created by his Excellency the Minister Gemayel and known as “ Industry for Lebanese youth 2010”.

Finally, I certify that the Industrial Research Institute is abiding by ELCIM’s success and continuity, to provide the consultations and services that the private sector needs in his continuous pursuit for development, modernization and growth.