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 Data Science Internal Training at IRI

December 10, 2019


Data science has the power to change the world around us, drive businesses forward, and answer some of the most pressing questions in modern research.
However, we miss the mark on fully integrating data science into organizations due to misunderstanding, miscommunication, and misconception of what data science can actually do.
To bring data science into the forefront of our business strategies effectively, we all need to be speaking the same language. Because there must be participation and input from all sources, from the business to the analyst, and to stop the confusion through complicated tech talk, and refrain from boiling down elegant solutions so that they barely resemble what they actually are, because finding a common ground is critical in moving data science forward in all industries.
This presentation is made to enable managers and executives to better understand what is REALLY Data Science, help them hire and build a Data Science team and to confidently and informatively speak with their business team and analysts in order to build a culture of data within their organization.


Mr Teddy Elias
Teddy Elias is a Senior Manager, Systems and Network Engineering at Inovvo LLC, where he works with clients in the Telecom and the Banking industries to develop analytical solutions for their business needs.

Teddy has an Master in Computer and Communications Engineering and a Certified Instructor of various technology platforms.

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